Tropical Night Lights
tropical nightlights
     Our collection of tropical art began with a request from a small gift shop in Hawaii. They asked us to create a collection of brightly colored island nightlights and worked with us on the flower and bird selection. The images below are some of the creations we made for them. Our yellow orchid artwork is a splendid reminiscence of the lush rainforest floor and can be done in any mix of colors you desire. We've made it in lavender and also two tones on the upper and lower petals. The flamingo theme may remind you of a romantic isle vacation and our paradise beach was inspired by the golden bluffs of the California coast. We also have classic Hawaiian hibiscus decor that can be painted in any color.

palm treePalm Tree $25.00
bird of paradise flowerBird of Paradise $24.50

island beachParadise Beach $24.50
hawaii red and white patternRed Hawaii $24.00
toucan perched in jungleToucan $24.50

coral reef fishesCoral Reef Fishes $25.00