Holidays, Festivities and Seasonal Night Lights

     Our handmade nightlights are a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! In a time of high spirits, our festive art can be given as gifts or just appreciated as colorful decor to match the celebratory atmosphere. There are fall designs such as the rustic corn, glorious Autumn Leaves and the Pumpkin for Halloween. We create beautiful artworks for the coming of spring like the Easter and Valentines day. There are the Harry Potter inspired wizard and owl. We also show Chanukah designs, (including the Star of David and a Menorah), and there are many more celebratory artworks on the Christmas page

indian harvest cornIndian Corn $25.00
Halloween pumpkinPumpkin $22.00
spooky white owlOwl $22.00

purple wizardWizard $25.00
wizard in whiteWhite Wizard $25.00
menorah candlesMenorah $18.50
star of davidStar of David $18.50

leaves of autumnAutumn Leaves $24.00
patriotic waving flagWaving Flag $22.50