pink rose night light
    This rose handmade nightlight has been painted with a watercolor technique so the paints are shading, flowing and blending as they dry. Because of this method, each floral glass painting ends up being unique from all the rest. For the frame we start with a curvy sparkly edge shaded from pale tan to ivory, a warm background which coordinates well with the warm pink shades. The flower is a tea-rose with petals completely unfurled and the shades range from warm (almost peach) to pink and then to nearly white on the tips of the petals. You can almost experience the fragrance of the flower. Multiple leaves and stems with lighter highlights surround the flower in the background. We once were asked to make this design in blue which doesn’t really exist in nature, but we shaded it from lavender to bluish white making a beautiful design for the customer's blue room.

Pink Rose  $24.00