Sage-Green Butterfly Fairy

Green Fairy night light
        Our Fairy art nightlight in green is a beautiful handmade glass painting with many verdant shades ranging from sage to the palest garden tones smoothly blended with white on textured art glass. The flowers and jeweled band in her hair are hand set with peridot and sage Swarovski crystals. The dress bodice, butterfly wings and arm drape are highlighted with a fine shimmer mist of multiple green and gold micro glitters (art glitter color spring creek). This tranquil design is perfect for the garden sun room or bath. If you see one of our fairies that would be perfect if only if….. don’t hesitate to ask for a change in any aspect. The patterns are very easy to tweak since everything is done by hand, in fact many parts are freehand. So many customer requests have resulted in permanent additions to the site because I was asked to try a change I never would have thought of and they turned out just gorgeous, this artwork is an example in point.


art night light