Moon and Twinkling Stars

    For these lunar celestial nightlights I started with white iridized glass and outlined the classic smiling face freehand. A hand drawn border was made using clear glitter outliner and left unpainted to allow the rainbow reflective glass to show through. Random stars were drawn and filled in with crystalline glitter sparkles. The deep blue design was painted with a royal blue background and the face was left unpainted to show the original white glass with its unique pearl like effect. The sky-blue design face was painted pale yellow and after being shaded with cerulean on the edges, the background was allowed to blend to a pastel sky shade. To finish, both designs were generously sprinkled with sparkles and tiny gold stars for the infinite galaxy effect. If you would like this design outlined and edged in silver I also have tiny silver stars to match.

sky blue

Light Blue Moon $23

Moon stars deep blue

Blue Moon $23

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