White and Black Cats with Flowering Vines

    We designed these two handmade nightlights in black and white as part of a set for a customer who had five felines and wanted a glass painting to represent each of them. She asked for coordinating jeweled collars that would match the surrounding frames and requested daisies as one of the flower choices. We used a cerulean blue arch to show off the daisy petals with yellow button centers and an emerald green corner background. Two tones of blue Swarovski jewels were used in the collar. The black cat has a white muzzle and belly with alternating pink and lavender jewels on the collar. The same colors are repeated in the vining flowers with sparkling centers on a cream arch with rose corners.

White Kitty in aqua window
White Cat $23.00
Black Kitty in pink window
Black Cat $23.00

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