A Couple of Birman Cats

     We paint two styles of the beautiful birmans, one in a sitting pose and one with a shimmering pale blue bow relaxing with a little white mouse in the foreground. I chose to make both backgrounds in a variegated blue shading from dark to light in order to accentuate their sapphire blue eyes. They have cream colored coats shading to a lighter cream on the chest and their legs and faces are done on a black brown blend. Ears are a darker black brown almost tending to pure black but not quite. And of course the gloves on all four feet are pure white. Care was taken to make the bodies somewhat stocky and the appearance of the fur to be medium thick. For a sweet and endearing expression the eyes are large and set far apart.
birman kitty sitting
Sitting Birman $22.00
birman kitty in repose
Relaxing Birman $22.00

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