This is Pat      Hi, my name is Pat Desmarais and I thought this might be a good place to introduce myself and answer a few questions that people ask me from time to time about my work. Our company and studio, “LuminaBella“ has been in business over 23 years, when I became fascinated with glass paintings. I’ve been artistic since the age of four, painting, drawing and working in mixed media. I’ve always found art to be a major joy in my life and I reflect how I see the world in my work. When I’m not painting, I enjoy gardening, playing the latin guitar, making things with wood, hiking and mountain biking with my family. My favorite way to relax is to brew up a cup of jasmine green tea and settle down to an evening of night light painting, transforming my imagination and vision into paintings with vibrant colors, glitter and jewels. When I make a fine art night light for you, there’s a lot of happiness in the process and I hope you can feel it too! Someone once told me my work has a “happy energy” about it; call it good karma if you will.

Making night lights starts with a large sheet of textured art glass which we cut into the sizes we need. This is usually done outdoors in the sunshine, so we can select pieces that are most visually stunning. The edges are then polished with a grindstone and washed before being wrapped with copper or silver bands to create a decorative frame for the design. Since we do all of our own glass-cutting, customers can ask for any particular size, shape or border. For instance although most of our night lights have copper edging, you may request a silver edging to match your stainless steel appliances. Next we choose the designs and draw the outlines with a 3-dimensional paint. Spaces are then filled with transparent, translucent and semi opaque glass stains which flow and mix right on the glass to make the most beautiful artwork that I can see in my mind. During this phase I am unaware of time passing; It’s that enjoyable! After the paint dries, many designs call for ultra-fine glitter, which is actually made of several coordinating colors. This is how the different colors sparkle and dance together when you walk past a night light. We select glitters that complement the colors in the artwork. The final touch is the addition of Swarovski jewels. Voila! A finished night light is now ready to ship to you as jewelry for your wall, carefully packed and protected in bubbled wrap.

Some people have a need for a night light that isn't typical, like it needs to be offset because the outlet is too close to a corner or the orientation of the plug needs to be horizontal rather than vertical. For answers to these and other questions you can go to our "Custom and Special Requests Page" .

I have also been a seller on Etsy since 2013 and have over 587   "5 star" reviews. You can read them here: Etsy Reviews

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