Bee Bonnet Sue $23.00 each

    These Sunbonnet Sue handmade nightlights were inspired by the popular quilt pattern and are often ordered with the child's name designed into the pattern. Our first design was in pink embellished with dainty flowers but soon we were asked for blue, lavender and yellow, and so they now appear here. All of the designs feature tiny flowers on the dress and some in the sky. The bows are sparkled and all have a bouquet of flowers in the lower corner. In history, these little girls have appeared in many different poses. If you'd like one of these to be designed into a nightlight you can contact us with a picture and we'd love to create a beautiful design for you.
Choose from pink, blue, lavender and yellow

pink bee bonnet girl
Pink $23.00
blue bee bonnet girl
Blue $23.00
lavender bee bonnet
Lavender $23.00
yellow bee bonnet sue
Yellow $23.00