Safari Zebra Print

Zebra Stripes with Black Border
     This handmade zebra themed nightlight was painted in the traditional black and white stripes with a bold black frame and was done completely free hand. If you order two the stripe pattern will be slightly different from one to another so they will not look exactly alike. I noticed that some interior jungle themes and African fabrics worked well with striking black and white accents, but as I walked through stores like Z Gallery and Pier one I saw a more earthy zebra being used for pillows and rugs. I am in the process of creating a new modified design with the white tending more toward taupe. It will be shaded darker around the periphery and lighter in the center just like the animals skin. I still plan to use black stripes but if you want I can make the design with espresso stripes instead. I'll post both of them here when they are finished.